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TKK 10 August Newsletter

Date: August 20, 2011 Author: astripurba Categories: News

Dear Parents,

Hello and welcome to TKK 10 Newsletter. The first 4 weeks of school has just flown by! We still see some kids feel nervous or a little scared of school but this is normal. The teachers know that this is a big change and they will help your child to adjust. We were so excited to see all of you on our first Parent Teacher Meeting. I trust that you left with valuable information. We hope you will also come and show your support on our next PTM which usually scheduled on 2nd semester.

We believe the teachers have started talking about the class rules, so your child knows what’s allowed and what’s not. Pay close attention on the first/initial letter of the rules (START/SPARK/GOOD) because they represent the first lesson of Phonics.

Picture Day
Our photographer will be here to take individual pictures on Friday, 19 August 2011. Please make sure you send your child to school.

Some parents come to us asking why the school doesn’t give homework. We do understand why parents look forward to it. Here is one article that clearly helps us to answer your question.


It is exciting to think that your son or daughter is a Big Boy or a Big Girl, going to school, learning to read and you are a dedicated and conscientious parent that helps your children with their school work.

However, the kids are tired. These three to five year-olds have been sitting, focusing, being good for hours! Some of our babies have just learned how to make it through the day without a nap because some of them still have to go to other courses after school, yet we expect them to come home and do more work!

You love your kids, and of course you want them to do well in school. The good news is that there are plenty of things you can do with your kindergartener instead of homework.

How about:
reading a book?
playing a games?
letting them watch Sesame Street while you make a phone call?
taking them to gymnastics?
watching them play soccer?
visiting Grandma or a friend?

This short list is just a start. Not only will you both be enjoying yourself and creating fun family memories, these activities will actually help your child become a good reader, a happy learner and do well in school! And, that’s really the point of kindergarten, isn’t it?