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Playgroup Scientific Festival : Tea Yogart Time

Date: March 12, 2020 Author: damarisfajar Categories: Article, Events, News

On Friday, 21st February 2020, TKK 10 PENABUR children Grade Playgroup held Scientific Festival with “Tea Yogart Time” Theme.

The parents came and joined this event too.

What kind of activities that parents can join?

  • YOGA  – This was quite interesting, because this is something new for some parents. Yoga time with their children.
  • TEA PARTY – Parents can enjoy the tea and some biscuit that the children prepared for them
  • ART – Have you ever make an awesome painting with your children? Yes, this is an activity that required the parent and children to paint on fabric pouch. The parent and children were all very creative.













What’s next?

Stay tuned on our Instagram account (@tkk10penaburjakarta) to update our event.