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Pajamas Party

Date: November 24, 2014 Author: Categories: News



PG of TKK 10 BPK PENABUR had a pajamas party on Friday, November 14th, 2014. All teachers and students wore pajamas and brought pillows, bolsters, blankets, and dolls. Before the pajamas party began, students studied as usual. After that, teachers prepared the mats and put all the sleeping stuffs on the mats. Teachers told stories before bedtime as if their parents did to them as usual. After telling the story, we pray together and all the students slept on the mats. Teachers started to sing “Twinkle Little Star” and “Nina Bobo”. Children slept for a half hour. After sleeping, teachers sang “Bangun Tidur Ku Terus Mandi” and continued with lunch time. The children were very happy and joined to the pajamas party with great enthusiasm.