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Nanny Training in TKK 10 PENABUR

Date: March 17, 2016 Author: Categories: News

On Wednesday, February 3rd 2016, TKK 10 PENABUR PIK held a Nanny Training. This training is only for students’ nannies. Our school Principal, Mrs.Susanawati Junus, gave a little speech to welcome the nannies. They were enthusiastic in joining the training. They learned and gained new knowledge from this event. Our speaker, Ms.Yori shared about how to make fascinating healthy food for children. Besides that, she also gave a technique to help children improve their reading skill. She gave a reading simulation using word flashcards. The nannies learned to help children not only to read, but also write and understand the concept of number. We gave this training in order to improve their knowledge as a nanny. While accompanying children to play, nannies will help them to “study”.  Because children’s world is a playing world, everything they need to study or learn should be in form of playing. We hope the nannies will apply their new knowledge. (dam)