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March 2011 Newsletter – TKK 10 PENABUR

Date: April 12, 2011 Author: astripurba Categories: News

March!!!! Time is flying by. This month we are looking forward to an exciting month full of new learning experiences. It was with great pleasure that we had the opportunity to have the school anual OPEN DAY on Saturday, March 12th. We had some fun and interesting activities for the parents and children. Thank you to all parents who attended the event, it really shows your continued support and involvement.

The themes for March include:

My Five senses (Toddler)

The children are going to find out what each of the Five Fabulous Senses do. That means ears, eyes, tongue, nose, and hands are all in charge of a different job that must be done: food to taste, a flower to smell, a picture to see, a sound to hear, and something to feel.

Heal The World (Play Group, K1)
3 Great Ways to Help Your Child Go Green:

Turn off the lights Have your child get into the habit of turning off lights and electronic devices when he’s not using them. A nice bonus: reducing electricity use can help cut down your utility bill.

Turn off the water when brushing A faucet that runs for five minutes is equivalent to letting a 60-watt bulb run for 14 hours, according to the Environmental Protection Agency.

Power fun with your mind and bodies Show your child how to have non electronic fun. Play family board games, read favorite books, or go outside to play balls or ride bikes.

Travelling (K2)

There are four countries to visit:
Egypt, USA, Japan and Italy.
The children are learning about things around the countries: the flags, food, buildings, clothes, music, etc.

How’s our new class arrangement?
We hope you like it, the children are now sure of where to go when they arrived at school. They are settling in quiete well. We’ve had lots of lovely positive feedback from parents who walk past it.

Important Dates:
March 26th: Report Day
We invite the parents to come for the report and we hope you find the time since this is the chance for you to know how your child is doing in school.

LIBRARY It is really helpful if you can help remind your child to return their book each week. If a child has not returned their book they will not borrow a new one until the next week.

Wishing you God’s Peace

One of the results in Lego Competition (Open Day)

One of the results in Lego Competition (Open Day)

One of the results in Play Dough Competition (Open Day)

One of the results in Play Dough Competition (Open Day)