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K2 goes to Mekarsari

Date: January 7, 2015 Author: Categories: News

Friday, 28th November 2014 was the date when K2 level of K10 went to Mekar Sari, Cibubur. There were so many activities that they did over there.

    First, they learnt to dance together. After that, the kids walked around to see some animals that lived there.


    Then, they painted “caping”. Caping is a traditional hat for the farmers that made up from bamboo.



Next, the kids went to the field. Some rice seeds were given to each kid. Then they planted the seeds into the muddy soil.


After that, they had to wash an ox together. They seem a little bit scared but also seem excited to try. The last activity they did was caught the fishes and keep the fish inside the plastic bag given. It sounds interesting, isn’t it? The kids took shower after finished doing all activities and then took a lunch together.

After all of it, we went back to Jakarta. It was a great adventure for K2 students!