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Flood Simulation

Date: May 5, 2015 Author: Categories: News


What would happen if you had a river in your school garden? On April 17, 2015 all K2-ers were so excited about going downstairs to our school garden for science class. They were surprised to find a river in the garden! Without any hesitation, they asked their teacher if they could play with the water. The teachers agreed if the students took turns, they could pour some water into the bamboos poles that were joined together to look like a long river. Everybody was so happy watching the water running smoothly down the bamboo river until suddenly some students intentionally threw some plastic trash into the makeshift river. The water in the bamboo river suddenly started overflowing and Oh No! All of sudden the sky got so dark and it started raining over the makeshift river. It continued to overflow and started leaking everywhere. The students were surprised that muddy puddles suddenly appeared within 5 minutes because of the rain and this overflowing river.



Everyone quickly went back to the class to continue studying about natural disasters, our theme for week 34. The students learned about the cycle of water and how a flood is initiated from rainfall. That is why a flood is an example of natural disasters. However, humans can also cause a flood to happen if a lot of people throw litter into the rivers and cut down the trees without planting new ones. “Miss Jessica, at school, we have to throw away our trashes only in the trash cans provided to avoid flood!” Faye said. Her friends agreed with her. Also they learn that they must turn off all the electricity and evacuate themselves to dry places when a flood happens. It was a very insightful day for the students learning about flood. (*Ms. Jessica).