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February Newsletter 2011- TKK 10 PENABUR – Pantai Indah Kapuk

Date: February 23, 2011 Author: astripurba Categories: News

Dear Parents,

Happy Chinese New Year to all families. During the first week of February we will learn about Chinese Culture. Our big event on the special day will be held on February 11-12. All are encouraged to participate. Hope to see you there.
Our last themes (Animals, Help Each Other and Home Industries) were a success and fun as well. In February, classes will be experiencing activities related to Valentines and the themes of Transportation (Toddler, Play Group, Kindergarten One) and Food and Beverages (Kindergarten Two).

Axel, Brenda and Vanessa (K1-B)

Axel, Brenda and Vanessa (K1-B)


Hope February will be another fun for the children.

Clockwise : Ms. Ling-ling, Owen, James, Callista, Vincent, Bryson, Ms. Donna, Daniel, Michelle, Bryan, Ms. Sri, D-Gan, Nathan, Gaby   (Toddler 1)

Clockwise : Ms. Ling-ling, Owen, James, Callista, Vincent, Bryson, Ms. Donna, Daniel, Michelle, Bryan, Ms. Sri, D-Gan, Nathan, Gaby (Toddler 1)

Play Group

Many of the students have learnt most of the simple concept. This has provided the children with the skills required in socializing and communicating their thoughts and needs.

Edric and Kayla (Play Group 4)

Edric and Kayla (Play Group 4)


Thank you to all the parents who helped supporting the children at home for the rhyming poem contest. We appreciate all your willingness to help us out. The children were able to perform and recite the lines themselves. We are so proud of them.

Nathasa (K1-D)

Nathasa (K1-D)


Some vocabulary words that will be reinforced include; fewer, less than, greater than, more, equal, heavier, lighter,and balance.

John and Adeline (K2 -C)

John and Adeline (K2 -C)


There are a number of children who have been coming to school late during previous and current term.
Please remember that children should arrive at school between 7.15-7.30 every morning.
Please remember to call the school if your child is going to be absent or late.
And we have a number of cases of flu and cough this past couple of weeks,
so remember if your child is sick he or she shouldn’t be in school and shouldn’t return to school for 24 hours after he or she is better/after symptoms are no longer present.
The flu season is upon us and if we can help prevent spreading it further, we will all be happier.
Thank you for your cooperation.

Class Bible Language & Phonics Cognitive B.Indonesia/Art
Toddler Bible Story: Saying “Miss. Donna i need to pee” Color of traffic light Tire tracks on dough
Samuel 18-20 (Persahabatan Daud dan Yonathan) repeat after the teacher words start with Ff and Gg (fish frog giraffe goat) fast or slow? decorate picture of transportation
Mark 10 :13-16 (Yesus mengasihi anak-anak) Vocab: aeroplane bus car truck train boat helicopter high and low Craft from heart shape
Mark 12:28-34 (Hal yang paling penting) stop and go
PG Bible Verse: Phonics: Jj Kk Ll Mm Concept of 3 Jj Kk Ll Mm
Galatia 6:9a at the busway (role play) Concept of time
Galatia 5:13c Geometric shapes
K1 Bible Songs: Phonic:_ap _am Identify printed numbers 6-10 ra re ri ro ru
Jesus loves me this i know Cup cake for valentine count objects up to 10 na ne ni no nu
Halo apa kabarmu basic addition skills (result up to 10)
KASIH dissolved/ undissolved
matching occupation with the vehicles
transportation graph
K2 Bible Activities Phonics: br_ cr_ dr Calender skills ha he hi ho hu
menyusun ayat alkitab understanding passage measuring with scale ja je ji jo
kolase hati journal (making cookies & planting padi) estimation ju
dramatisasi beverages: Juice milk tea coffee water
New vocabs: mix stir bake

we wish every family a very Happy Valentine’s Day. May you find many occasions to celebrate love in your lives.

In The Love of Children,