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An Impressive Easter Celebration of K1 and K2 TKK 10 Penabur

Date: May 6, 2015 Author: Categories: News

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Friday, April 10th, K1 and K2 of TKK 10 Penabur celebrated Easter. Mommy and daddy were invited to this celebration. The celebration was very impressing. There were some students danced and sang Easter songs. Even, Alice and Jiani from K2 were doing their part as MC so well. The most impressing was the drama from K2. They acted very well. The drama told us about palm day-when Jesus was rejoiced by people, the last supper, the night in Gethsemane, Jesus died in the cross and then Jesus arose from His death. We have never thought that K1 and K2 could ever act in the drama just like adult. They were giving their best performance. After we finished the celebration, children went home and got a gift bag from TKK 10. They were happy, mom and dad looked happy too. We were all happy because of this fun celebration, but especially because Jesus had arose and won over the death. Happy Easter everyone! God bless us. (Ms. Vani)